25 January, 2006

"God delays but doesnt forget"

Gosh...why the hell I delayed your arrival in my life, Was I gone nuts or what !! You are such a darling of mine. I shouldn’t have listened to these people. There are billions and trillion of people in this world. was I suppose to go in the direction of all of them ? Which may contradict to one another...Huh.. No off course...!! But the thing is why am I such a dumb to notice this thing so late. I should have marked this thought earlier so that I could have lived with u for that long period i wasted with someone else. But anyhow...its never too late...Now I have found u in my life...and i hope to live with u for ever and ever my dear Nokia 6600 Muhahahaha...! :D

I hope no one was thinking bad things about me earlier ;))

At last I bought Nokia 6600 after a long holdup..
Many times I thought of buying this set but all the times due to some reason or the other i use change my plan and switch to some other Nokia sets. Like last time. instead of Nokia 6600 I went for Nokia 3230..and before tht 6100 ..But now when i planned to change the set i heard every bit of mine screaming 6600..6600 lol.. so i thought of going with my choice and sticked to what I want... ;)
The reason for which I use to drop the idea of buying this cell was lots of advices. Most of the people say that this phone does not have a good shape. some say it is not worthed 12500 rupees ..some say it is not as high quality as nokia's other productions etc etc ..But then after such a long postpone i thought i should go on the path of my choice. Not of others. So this was the thought which made me buy this Spectacular phone. and now it has been with me for two days and three nights ..;) lol..

22 January, 2006

“Love may be blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener”

20th Jan 2006...!

A day of celebration. a day of fragrance ..A day of love to be expressed. A day of smiles to be exchanged !
And thts all because when a flower is born everybody is glad. swinging with pleasure...and ...unbendable happiness.. for flower is the pride of a garden. its dignity. its respect ...But when the flower grows older...it turns into fruit ..and fruits are Gods blessings on humans. we are suppose to pluck them and eat them. Thts the same case with girls...when they are born they bring happiness, they bring joy ..but soon they are grown and the time comes for they to depart...for this is Gods command aswell and we humans are suppose to follow it. so the time to part has arrived...very difficult. very hard...a complete new world...new people… new life style...new surroundings... and in all everything New .
This is the same situation my friend… my dear friend is going through as she is getting married...getting bonded. getting united...an am so happy for her :)

I wish u all the happiness in the world my friend. May all ur dreams...ur wishes..ur desires..come true .Congratulation on a new start..and a new life :)

14 January, 2006

May this day bring to you all things tht make you smile :)

Hey Dude !!! Many many happy returns of the day :))

Dont even think tht i forgot this special extraordinary day..It was some kind of error which i had been going through all day long..thts why this post was delayed..But in any case ...its never too late... isint it ;)

I take the opportunity to wish u a very very Happy Birthday ..May all ur dreams come true...I wish stars for u ..but anyhow ..am just a human being and cant do things which are not in my reach ...but my sincere prayers and wishess are always there with you :) Always...

“Sing a song of Birthdays Full of fun and cheer And may you keep on having them For many a happy year.”

You really are a great friend indeed ... and this makes me thank God in addition...as to give me such nice friends like u :)
As rightly said by someone “Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.” and u are one of them..Believe me :)

Thank you so much dear,for being my friend :)) Once again..Happy birthday :)
Now let us all cut the yummy yummy birthday cake ..yaaiie !!

10 January, 2006

Loss is nothing else but change, and change is Nature's delight !

As i predicted earlier...This year '2006' is not going to be a good one for me ...Loss is the only word am hearing and experiencing everywhere around me..
In such a state...a ghazal by Bahadur shah zafar can be shared..which wuld express my situation to most of You.

lagataa nahii.n hai jii meraa uja.De dayaar me.n
kis kii banii hai aalam-e-naa_paayedaar me.n

kah do in hasarato.n se kahii.n aur jaa base.n
itanii jagah kahaa.N hai dil-e-daaG_daar me.n

umr-e-daraaz maa.Ng kar laaye the chaar din
do arazuu me.n kaT gaye do intazaar me.n

kitanaa hai bad_nasiib "Zafar" dafn ke liye
do gaz zamiin bhii na milii kuu-e-yaar me.n

Wishing you all a very very happy Eid-ul-adha :)

05 January, 2006

"The most dangerous food is wedding cake” ;)

This time my family is on hatrick..LoL...yes frnds..This is the third wedding which i consider in a row..i mean not even a wedding ends & the other starts thinking to get bonded Lol...i guess they all are unaware of the "shadi-Barbadi" phrase :D Lol
This time it was my cousin who planned to taste the tang of wedding as my sister did a couple of months ago. As the bride was from Pak,the wedding was arranged here..and as i believe the best spot for getting married is India or Pakistan..because the kind of customary marriages arranged over here are really non-competeable..isint it ;) But this is only my point of veiw.
Anyways...so the marriage season is On over here in blasting manner ;) Up till now we are done with Milad,Mehndi and Wedding and will be through with reception by tommorow..but guys i can hardly mention how much fun i had in the mehndi party...Really awesome bash. First of all we had a singing competition b/t girls side and guys side ..but unfortunately we (guys side) lost in tht...Grrr thts so bad Lol..But i knew this is going to happen b'coz the bride's side was rich in singers collection ..i mean all of their cousin were good at singing and comparitively we had just few good singers but the best part was my cousins frnd MAISUM. I mean he was just amaizing...his voice had such a strong base tht no one culd dare to compete with him but afterall he was just one and at that end it was a whole gang of singers so it was obvious tht they are gona win..and we ...the losers Lol...After all this competetion came to an end ,the professional guys started their duty.It was a band of soloist who were called for entertaining the guests. The main singer looked so much devoted to his profession tht i was inspired ;) i mean he was singing with all his heart..and in the end i saw one of his tear rolling out..(OouccH)..Tht was may be bcz he was missing someone on tht sad song he played or it culd be a fight with his GF or so ...Lol.

This was all abt mehndi party...the wedding night was even much thrilling but am not going to mention abt tht now..as u guys must not get jealous with all tht fun i had or else u will lose calories hehehaha :D