17 May, 2006

Here I am lost in the ashes of time..!

The show must go on ..!
Yes ,the show must go on ..!
Though man himself is gone...
But, the show must go on..!

Lolz...wht do u say guys ;)..

I have been and will be remain backstage for around few more weeks, Its not that I have nothing to write or I am lacking interest to blog, its just that I have kinda long.. long ..long list ready on which I must write and am dieing to do so...but..and lots of buts..l0lz...The cloud of my papers which was far away from me since long has now reached right on top of my head and thus...am strained to remain anti-pc these days.
I had a Gap of a day ,and moreover my family was not home today to observe me practicing this anti pc thingee lol ..so I thought to wake my blog buddies who never bugged to buzz hehe :P
I will be back here real soon..and tht wuld be most probably 6th of June…the day when am gona be Free Free and Free!! ..YooHooOo.. :D
So Please buddies, do remember me in your prayers,I really need your best wishes..and dua’s :)
Till thn..let me load and operate this disk ;)