01 January, 2008

“Enemy-occupied territory is what the world is.”

I'm back! Back to my lonesome journal! But would that matter to even a god damn wall of my blog? I don’t think so & truly I don’t even care! I’m just back for writing. Returned ashore from a long dreadful journey to nowhere as a changed person. I had a precious belonging along when I started the journey of my life but unfortunately, lost that in between, and this is what constrained me to return! ‘A journey to life’; started with much love and affection; ended up in such a drastic manner! But what love am I talking about?
Feelings, emotions, thinking about someone, sharing moments, giving love, happiness joy, care…. what crap! ‘Sheer waste of time and energy’ as they say it!

Do I sound a little pissed off? I aint’t sorry if I do! As I just don’t care!
I don’t give a damn to anything in the world at present because I have nothing to lose.
I really mean it I have nothing to lose. My mother passed away! The only most precious thing any human being can have on this planet earth but I lost it! And with it I lost everything they call love, care, emotions, happiness, and the spirit of living!