28 March, 2006

"The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time"

t times when concentration should be at peak… and nothing else then focus and hard work should matter...I've seen people saying things like we are really trying to get our selves back from all the fun & excitement of life these days, but never heard something like ...am really struggling to have fun...and that too in a situation where fun and tafree kind of things should be kept on hibernation.. Lol...but anyways..I like this way...chilling in tensed state...isn’t it a great style to seize a break ;)
So for this reason...I planned to attend the Basant festival with all my friends this weekend. Though it was organized by my brother's university...But even then I was not given free entry passes.. grr.. Lolzz..But guys believe me...tht place was awesome ...different kind of stalls were there...supplying great deal of fast food..while some other stalls were up with their stuffs like mehndi ,jewelry ,kolapories and different kind of crafted things..while games and music added life in there !
It was after a great long time tht I was out with my frnds..And I really felt from the dept of my heart that I didn't wasted a bit of my time..[Thnks to all my frnds J]
It was a new life induced in me which made me look fwd to extract even more out of life...But one thing was bugging me continuously… and it was memories...

Sometimes, no matter how much faith we have, we lose people.But you never forget them.And sometimes,it's those memories that gives us the faith to go on"

Gosh… I was missing my sister sooo much... I wish she was here.. Guys u wont believe..she was so crazy abt these carnivals and all..and I always use to destroy her plans with my negative approach towards them...but since she’z gone...I love everything she use to luv...and I do everything she use to do ..:)Isn’t it sounding weird...But thts true guys... “We knw the worth of water..only when the well is dry...! “
Am sure when shez gona cum bk here...She wuld not be the same lively carefree person as she use to be...bcz afterall ...one gets much matured and careful after getting bonded. But anyways..I'll always miss those days when I use to bug her sooo much and she never use to say me a word for being so bad to her :(

Okay Now!!! lets not get senti here...Lolzz

Am sharing the captured thrill of the carnival here...
Hope u guys get as much jealous as u can :--)




[eekkzz...I've made a mess in this one ..but these are different phases shown collectively ]

19 March, 2006

“Silence is a source of great strength.”

I dont really know..why every now and then, these kind of situtions come in life..Sometimes..one feels so strong...so composed....so intact...as if...he can fight with anything tht comes in his way...No hinderance can bother his dreams..no source can fade his spirit...! but thn sometimes... duno why...and how ...tht gesutre..tht strength..tht courage..fades...! Seems so broken...so uncomposed...even though things are unchanged...life is as kool as ever..thn Y such state of mind? Why sometimes desperation over takes inspiration...why sometimes we stop believing ourselves...Why such kinda irresistable varitations in human nature ?!

P.s: Will be speechless here for a short time !

Have a great week ahead :)

11 March, 2006

When there is a will,There is a way !!

I was struggling hard...Wanted to know for what reason am going through these kinda errors and all. Why all the time I have to suffer through this kinda miscommunication and broken links ! I was really hurt...because it was my observation that which ever place I admire the most & desire spending a quality time there, always have some kind of problem with it...In someway or the other...So with these kind of thoughts generating in my mind...I was browsing in Orkut & found there a community regarding blogger! Briefly defining 'Orkut' .. Its a Website providing an online meeting place where people can socialize, make new acquaintances and find others who share their interests. So .. there I discovered tht blogger has been banned in Pakistan for some reason...I was literally in a Pathetic state..I mean...Why the hell ...! But at the same time I found something there which made me think tht when life fails to provide you wht u want...built it ur self ;)..Bcz it wht "You" desire to get..isint it ;) And yes...I found a way to access on my blogs..
A kind guy in tht community gave a site address called www.hidemyass.com through which all the victims of this banned service can access to their blogs...Isint tht kewl ;)
In our bhasha we say -Ghee jab seedhi ungli se na niklay to ungli teri karni hi parhti hai- Lolzz

But its not over yet! bcz more thn this incident...its practical form won my attention. which clearly states tht.. Mourning and distress are not really the problem solvers ..they can just boost it up..while exploring and looking forward with a hope of getting the problem solved ..One can get through it ..as we wont be given things dressed in a plate...nor life is going to provide us something or the other just because we need it or we deserve it ! Never!..For the reason tht..
We dont get wht we deserve...we get wht we Negotiate!
Wht do u guys say?!