05 January, 2006

"The most dangerous food is wedding cake” ;)

This time my family is on hatrick..LoL...yes frnds..This is the third wedding which i consider in a row..i mean not even a wedding ends & the other starts thinking to get bonded Lol...i guess they all are unaware of the "shadi-Barbadi" phrase :D Lol
This time it was my cousin who planned to taste the tang of wedding as my sister did a couple of months ago. As the bride was from Pak,the wedding was arranged here..and as i believe the best spot for getting married is India or Pakistan..because the kind of customary marriages arranged over here are really non-competeable..isint it ;) But this is only my point of veiw.
Anyways...so the marriage season is On over here in blasting manner ;) Up till now we are done with Milad,Mehndi and Wedding and will be through with reception by tommorow..but guys i can hardly mention how much fun i had in the mehndi party...Really awesome bash. First of all we had a singing competition b/t girls side and guys side ..but unfortunately we (guys side) lost in tht...Grrr thts so bad Lol..But i knew this is going to happen b'coz the bride's side was rich in singers collection ..i mean all of their cousin were good at singing and comparitively we had just few good singers but the best part was my cousins frnd MAISUM. I mean he was just amaizing...his voice had such a strong base tht no one culd dare to compete with him but afterall he was just one and at that end it was a whole gang of singers so it was obvious tht they are gona win..and we ...the losers Lol...After all this competetion came to an end ,the professional guys started their duty.It was a band of soloist who were called for entertaining the guests. The main singer looked so much devoted to his profession tht i was inspired ;) i mean he was singing with all his heart..and in the end i saw one of his tear rolling out..(OouccH)..Tht was may be bcz he was missing someone on tht sad song he played or it culd be a fight with his GF or so ...Lol.

This was all abt mehndi party...the wedding night was even much thrilling but am not going to mention abt tht now..as u guys must not get jealous with all tht fun i had or else u will lose calories hehehaha :D


Blogger PuNeEt said...

Oh dear
so ur having a treat...

marriages are so damn fun yaar
n I know how girlz are crazy for Mehendi


n shaadi is not barbadi

good for u na... after exams seedhe shaadi ka maahol



9:29 PM  
Blogger Manish said...

hmmmm haar gaye tum log! lanat hai are kuch nahin to apni poetry ke gane bana ke gaa deti. sab sochte hi reh jate ki ye kahan se li gayi hai :)
it was fun to read thru, next month I have to also attend a wedding !

11:57 PM  
Blogger Dawn....सेहर said...

wow shaadi shaadi shaadi...all I love about it is the 'mehandi' boy,,,,,,,,am getting J already...;)
But one thing you said is so true...shaadi's are well if its done in India or Pak...but barbaadi if its done anywhere else...lol am I right ?? ;)

am so happy for you...after working so hard...u deserve it..so enjoy and keep us updating...at least I can feel as if I enjoyed it ;)

cheers gal

6:55 AM  
Blogger Phoenix Rises said...

You are obviously having a lot of fun after your exams! Good for you! I'm back to the old grind of college and internship now. Sigh! :D
I myself will be attending two weddings back-to-back in Feb of two of my friends. Can hardly wait!!!

7:11 PM  

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