22 January, 2009

Lets see if this helps.. DAMN!!!!!!!!!

Its making me furious now! Some sort of confusion fused in the middle of my brain by various external agents I cant even verify and neither can get it out of mind huh! How cool is that? When you are busy in your hustle bustle routine, you fear the loss of opportunities, and when you are free as a bird– you are so occupied being bored or confused that you fail to get things straight. Even the most simplistic ones, honestly!

Why is there always some sort of opportunity cost at stake, I wonder! But the point is that this is not the point at the moment. The point is why cant things work out! There is always a someone behind the scene waiting to pull you down. For e.g. you go to the receptionist to take an appointment for the doc and she gives you those impolite looks saying; sorry all dates till the next month are already booked. or may be when you open up Microsoft word to type out how miserable you feel and suddenly the light goes off. The later happens to me all the time, honestly! (Even today!)

The twinge isn’t why does “a-something” always have to fall short, the twinge is that some people do have their ways to get things done. They would just open their mouth and its done! They’d enter the door and the receptionist would give them the smile of her life and offer them to meet the doc just that very day and they’ll always open up Microsoft word and write their feelings down without the electricity going off signifying sudden booboos on their face! I don’t mean to highlight favoritism, bureaucracy or people with hi-fi spoons in their mouths, these people are as usual as I and you are, just common people- yet they have something about them, they don’t ever get to hear words such as No or later and shit!

P.S.: I am not a suspense writer or anything, I am not even qualifying as a writer but I should unveil the truth at this moment, which is, all that I wrote above was surely in my brain, yet not what I intended to write, or what bothers me. The problem isn’t even who gets their way and who lingers around like a looser. This may be just a piece of the jigsaw puzzle, but not the jigsaw puzzle itself.