13 July, 2008

Rise, fall and rise again!

The long awaited holidays of 2 and a half months, which I had been looking forward to since last 2 years, finally arrived my doorstep in the mid of may, and by now more than half of these blessed days are spent doing loads of new things I always thought of doing. I lived the dream of my being able to paint, I worked as an internee and gained loads of experience, I read the most loveable of the books through which I could venture upon an imaginative journey and most of all, I exposed a fair amount of new paths for myself, which I never ever thought I could do it on my own. Vacations have shown me my strengths, things which I can do, I have discovered who rests inside my skin.. And it was a pleasure meeting myself.

Work is fun. The feeling of achieving the tasks and watching the outputs of your long working hours is an extremely pleasant feeling, and more agreeable it is, when you are praised for your good work :-) Besides the best part about 9 to 6 life is the location of the place I Intern at. All the windows open sea-wards. A view too soothing to heal all the worldly abrasions, a scene too serene to overlook all about the practicalities, deals and ordeal. It’s great there, from the 15th floor of a huge building, that view appears nothing less than a piece of heaven, any young heart would admire.

One thing vacations really evoke is the scarceness I meet at the end of every road. I am no saint after all, my mother was too great to be filled in by anything I do to fill in the emptiness I feel, so yes I do feel I am on the edge of breaking down, but then I am my mamas child, wont break this easy! :-)