05 September, 2010

It is amazing how every time I think my blogging days are over I bump into this place somehow or the other and end up composing a new blog post. Well, if nothing else, it at least proves I have what it takes to be in a long term relationship (which I’ll be in someday… or not). Anyway, so I don’t have any specific thing to talk about today, neither am I in the mood to go into self reflection or those kinds of serious things so I think I’m just going to make this post about my life updates. It’s important that everybody does that every once in a while in order to know where exactly we are in life. So I’ll start with the least important details; A) I turned 22 four days ago and I’ve got to say I was kinda disappointed in myself. I mean, I hadn’t pictured myself to be such a failure in life even when I was twenty two years old!! But what do I know! Or maybe you should blame the western media for making me think less of myself just because I STILL LIVE WITH MY PARENTS! Okay update B) I entered the fourth year of my university life a month ago without failing a single course or having more than two Cs all together. Too bad nobody seems to care about grades anymore in this world. You know what would’ve been great along with a good Grade Point Average (GPA)? Knowing what I actually am doing (except for taking classes, passing exams and moving on to the next semester). Anyway, it’s not like educational systems are meant to make sense or anything. Okay what else could be my life update… oh yeah, I’ve become a shopaholic. In other words a bad hoggish consumerist who likes to accumulate worldly things! And the fact that I am unemployed makes it a bad news. Oh and update number four, I have major scratches on my phone. I know it’s not best to mention this now when half the country is drowning but you can’t blame me, I’ve been reading Ayn Rand’s Virtues of selfishness -_-

OK, I feel horrible!