07 November, 2011

With Dubai’s weather changing from scorching hot all the time to relatively cooler mornings and evenings, I am getting a lot of opportunities to interact with nature. This is one of the things that make me really happy; being close to nature that doesn’t bite you! Or at least nature that doesn’t bite you hard enough! Like usually even in extreme hot weather days I do like exploring and praising scenic beauty but it just gets a lot better when the weather is in your favor!

So as I sit here composing a new post, the clouds are cluttering over my head, probably planning to have a showdown sometime soon, while the wind continues to blow my greasy hair that needs to be showered as soon as possible. Yeah, I don’t like portraying ideal pictures, real is better! However, real is pretty much ideal at the moment with Dubai skyline stretched before my eyes as I gaze from the balcony seeking inspiration to capture the moment through words!

I think I am still under the spell of the awesomeness I witnessed yesterday. We went to Musandam, near Oman. It’s a beautiful, most mesmerizing place to be at on a good weather day and it’s always an add-on if you don’t go there with any expectations. For all I knew, I thought it was a place like Kemari in Karachi! All I was looking for was some adventure but it ended up being so much more incredible than I had thought! The most beautiful moment from the trip was when the sun was setting in the mountains of Oman while we were cruising through the clear blue water. Oh and there were Dolphins too. I am not too crazy about them though, but it was nice to see everyone being excited about them.

And I learnt one important lesson from being between so much beauty over the couple of days. I learnt that the most beautiful things can only be absorbed within, you can love it all you want, but you have to find peace within to be able to appreciate it wholly and solely. In simpler terms: A butterfly is only beautiful till it’s freely flying in the air.

01 November, 2011

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