27 December, 2005

“Back to Earth after a fantastic flight”

Guys am back ...Over with exams at last..
and guess what..am having my winter vacations these days ;)
Isint it great..lOl..as rightly said by me..

"There is always some sunshine ;after a dark thunder night" ..Lolz

usually we get a week or 10 days off for winter brk but this time we are getting almost half a month ..Yuppie
Thts because this time winter brk and Eid holidays are given collectively therefore Fun Fun and Fun..;)
and if not fun thn alteast i can sleep till 11 lolz so u see guys am so very contented ;D

So as the leave i gave to u guys for a month has now ended..therefore am back in action ..
hence the status is not set as Active.. As MR. Ralph says..

“The one thing in the world, of value, is the active soul”

And as to prove am active..am sharing my latest Nazam with u guys..which i completed today..
hoping u all dont mind wasting a bit of ur time ..lol

Kashmakash.. Kashmakash..
har jagah...har mor par...
zindagi hai be-samar..
sans lenay ka bhi dar..
jain bhi to kis dagar..
hathoun mai ranjish ka ghar..
dil ki dharkan bekhabar..
fasloun ki nok par..
kon janay..kab..kidhar..
hum mohabbat chor dein..
raston ko mod dein...
vasl ki chahat ka khuvab
jagte'vay tor dain..
khatam kardain khasmakhash..
har dino ki khasmakhash..
haan..zindagi ki..khasmakhash...!

09 December, 2005

Exams ..... !!

Being examined is the worst thing on earth I believe.. Isn’t it!
How can somebody judge us in such a less time.. May be at the time of examination something with someone goes wrong and we are in such state of mind that we cannot answer the inquiry or we are disturbed or what-so-ever ! Is it fair to justify one’s 6 months hard work in 90 mints or so.. Lols …Well Now.. Coming to the reality.. All this I’ve been saying is brainless because whether we like it or not we have to present our selves in a limited time as people have much more work to do other than inspecting us .. Lols
So guys.. u all have guessed it right… The examining am talking about is mine.
I am having my Mid-terms these days due to which am not able to update my blog for long. But am trying my level best to do so. Up till now am done with two of my papers but still 3 more to go. So guys u must pray for me.. at least these days Lolz :D

Till thn status set as A-W-A-Y ! :))