15 October, 2011


An old feeling has revisited my being, I know this feeling, I have dealt with this before but each time I come across it, it's as intense, as maddening as the last time. I have allowed it to enter my being; I wanted it to be here, but I can't control it's impact on me. It's intense, emotionally draining yet absolutely lovely! I like it and it makes me crazy at the same time. And I am sure somewhere along the line, there is a lot of strength that I will get out of this. Strength, not to overcome it, resist it, or settle it, but strength that allows me to stay with it without being hysterical, strength that will allow me to appreciate the beauty of all things that this feeling brings along. And till I get that kind of strength, I will just have to sit with my pain - not fight it, not complain against it, not be ungrateful, just sit with it and let it be.

Find below Munir Niazi's words that fit the situation perfectly:

bechain bahut phiranaa ghabaraaye hue rahanaa
ik aag sii jazabo.n kii bahakaaye hue rahanaa

aadat hii banaa lii hai tum ne to "Munir" apanii
jis shahar me.n bhii rahanaa uktaaye hue rahanaa

01 October, 2011

Most of the people I am meeting these days inquire about my blog. Feels as though this blog was a part of my being once - more like an essential component that old friends are interested to know about as part of our catching up process. And I don’t like it when I have to say that I have discontinued blogging because I don’t get time. A light-hearted post should take around 10 to 20 minutes and we all know we can easily spare that much time no matter what we work as. Hence the bottom line is that I will reprioritize blogging, mainly because I like it.

For those who’ve followed my blog all these years, I’d like to catch up with you guys too. So to start off from where I left in my previous post I’d like to mention that I have now moved to Dubai. Yes, I found work there, despite all odds and all those bad-market rumors that used to circulate while I was job-hunting. So life as of now is pretty good. I just graduated and received my degree. More than that I think a must-mention happening is that I finally got to wear that graduation gown I used to fancy all these years and oh that hat too. However, sadly I have become more practical than fun so instead of tossing my hat in the air once graduated, I kept it on because I didn’t really want to lose it and then pay fines for it.

As for personal development, I think just 4 months in Dubai has changed me more than 4 years in college did. I am more confident than I have ever been, I am becoming pro-active, more responsible and well, I have cut down on psychoanalyzing myself and instead I just enjoy the moment that is the present!

For more on my life, stay tuned.