27 July, 2006

“A child reminds us that playtime is an essential part of our daily routine.”

A baby's one thing
the whole world adores,
And the best part of all this one is yours!

A baby is sunshine & moonbeams & more.
Brightening your world as never before.

July has always been a month of celebration for our family!
3 july is my elder sisters birthday,17th july is my elder sisters wedding anniversary,19th july is cute lil twin sisters birthday and finally 20th july is my one & only mothers birthday …But…These celebrations were not enough..therefore God gave me a niece today i.e 27th july 2006! Man you wont believe the happiness with which my heart is jumping now…the joy that have filled my heart cannot be defined!
Thank you soooooo soooooo much my dear sister ! This is all because of you that am surrounded with such unbearable happiness!
Besides…it was a sentimental situation today in my house..My mom crying..( I duno why)..My dad trying not to cry ..neither he was…but I felt something deep in his eyes!
My brother…well leave him..he was busy in his play station but my little twiny sister’s damn..they were like.. “A New Baby” ..Yaaaiyeee Lolz…And I…damn…I was out of my mind ,the time I heard this..my eyes wide open and my ears sticked on the phone while dad was talking to Jiij and mom was crying like anything..I was like Okay! A new baby is in our family now..a news of happiness is now in our house and a time of party has began..then for wht on earth my mum is crying like Hellll!
I dint have to wait for long to get my answere! As soon as my dad kept the phone back on its place..i got to know that since my sister had already passed her due date..therefore the doctors suggested for an operation! Their first baby is not born normally..It has happened by an operation! This is what was irritating my mums mind..But then..the thought of a normal baby satisfied her! She was happy that the baby girl was a healthy & normal daughter of her daughter ! :D

Congratulations my dearer jiij and dearest sister ;-)
I wish you guys all the very best for ur and ur baby girls future !
I actually am so happy that no words are coming in my mind…Believe me..It’s a priceless gift that God have given me…Here’s a great big hugggggie from me to all three of you! :))

But..I really miss you guys sooo sooo much :-( [Why aint you ppl here, why cant I see my 1 day old niece rHhahaight now, Why cant I see your and jiij’s happiness when at first u guys saw ur baby.. Why cant I hear the cry’s…Tell me..Why aint you here : -( ]

Congratulations once again dear sister and jij :)

19 July, 2006

"What is sport to the cat is death to the mouse"

Zinedine Zidane!
A soccer player whom I never knew before this world cup... and a player whom I will never forget because of this world cup..! You might think me as a Nut or so for not knowing him ..but it’s kinda true. I was never into soccer at all..Though my dad has always been one of the best player of his team, though my brother attended his first international soccer match at the age of 8,though my dad won our family’s largest trophy (which caused him a really bad foot injury..),I have never been interested in it..or may be I never thought of being interested in it. But well..Now I think..this is the best sport of all.. It was my first experience watching soccer world cup.. and I found it…Gaa Gaa Gaa Great ! Simply amazing Sport ..every minute important ..every move essential and most of all..its fast..its never really boring watching soccer.. isn’t it!
Ok.. so this French man.. commonly known as zizu.. is now the hottest and most demanded news on every sports channel..Every sports website..and wht-so-ever! Am afraid.. very soon my brother is gonna bring his new t-shirt ..which will have zizu’s stunning header printed on it lolz!
I don’t really know ..and for sure nobody excluding Zidane and Marco materazzi knows what really was the matter! Was it zidane who lacked the sports man qualities or was it Macro materazzi ..who have said something really really hurting to him!But what ever the case was and is.. believe me guys.. We (public) will never come to know the truth..all we’ll hear is new story every day…so why waiting for the mystery to be solved..Why not just enjoy the good part of the mystery ..which is ..The Header ! ;)

Here’s a game..which am sure everybody is gonna enjoy…all u have to do is..move your mouse…click in the left of it ..and hit hard on the chest of Marco materazzi..as our zizu did ;) Lets see..who reaches the higest score…Njoy!!

12 July, 2006

"Realize-Realism "

This post demands a whole lotta thing from me ..
*According to the latest news in sports world..this post should be regarding that breath-taking World Cup final between Italy and France which was held on Sunday the 10th.
*According to my current idle and ‘at rest’ status ..this post should be regarding all the holiday masti which am enjoying these days.
*According to my sister's present state..this post should be regarding expected women's.
*According to one of my friend's current situation...this post must be offering some thought provoking messages which would enlighten his mind and would give him some peace of mind.
*According to my love and involvement in poetry this one should be dedicated to Late Sir Nasir kazmi who passed a couple of days before.

But..and loads of butts Lolz..well I am not going to do injustice anyways..so this post of mine…is not gona include any of the above mentioned topics.. b’coz if I will include any one of the above ones..then it would not be fair with the other ones…as the priority of all is Equal.. No higher .. No lowers… No favourisum…No special treatments.. ;) lol
so a completely different and extraordinary “Realization” post is on your ways! ;)

Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread.

This one is from my sister’s Notepad which I found just today ..and as no rights were reserved over there…therefore…copyright business is gona rock :D

Enjoy everybody ;)

To realize
The value of a sister
Ask someone
Who doesn't have one.

To realize
The value of ten years:
Ask a newly
Divorced couple.

To realize
The value of four years:
Ask a graduate

To realize
The value of one year:
Ask a student who
Has failed a final exam.

To realize
The value of one month:
Ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.

To realize
The value of one week:
Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize
The value of one hour:
Ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.

To realize
The value of one minute:
Ask a person who has missed the train, bus or plane.

To realize
The value of one-second:
Ask a person who has survived an accident.

To realize
The value of one millisecond:
Ask the person who has won a silver medal in the

To realize the value of a friend:
Lose one.

03 July, 2006

Happy Birthday Dear Sis :)

Hey Dear Sis,

I was trying to control myself.. and hide my way of thinking as much as I can…which you know I have done and wont be quitting this habit…excluding on some events like this.

Today on your Birthday, I really feel bad, as you aren’t around me…
I cannot bake a cake … I cannot Sing a song… I cannot make u feel bad by irritating you on this day…I cannot give you horrible gifts like potatoes wrapped in a gift paper…neither I can make a card for you.. all because you are kinda out of my range.
But anyways.. even after so many things have gone with a single person.. what makes me glad is that you are happy ..and this is what counts the most in my life (you believe it or not).

….A part from all this missing stuff .. I have few things to let you know.…

1. I never wished u to be gone forever and am gona feel bad for the rest of my life that we are no more going to live together in one house and view the colors of life together.

2. Though I always wanted a room undivided and completely mine, But since I have got one ,I’ve started sensing that ‘sharing is caring’.. and therefore the walls on my empty room seems like falling on me every single day.

3. I never liked u crying either because of me.. or because of anybody else.. but at times I’ve made u feel that I’ve been the happiest most person to see your tears.. But that surely was not true !

4. I now realize the presence of an elder sister.. who is a at times a friend.. a mother when required and most of all a free of cost guide ..who even enjoys working for free ;)

5. I know I was really terrible at times ..because of my bossy nature, cruel and ill behavior, brainless acts, and in all the step of trying to be your mother lol..but as I said before…That I will always be sorry for that. :p

6. I have identified that you are not interested in my space…or may be time doesn’t allows you participating in it.. but I dare tell u…this place tells a lot about my inner person ..so manage taking out sometime…or else you are gonna miss all the sorries which I am announcing as openly here as I use to hide it :p

May You Have A Wonderful Birthday Dear Sister.

This Post and this poem is purely dedicated to you on this extraordinary special day :)
Infact these flowers are for you aswell :D
But before getting to the poem…I must let u knw..tht this is not an ordinary post…I am dedicating a very vital post to you…as in this post I have completed my Half centaury :)
So u must be delighted haan ;) lolz

Mujhay Ghar Yaad Aata Hai…!

simaT kar kis liye nuqtaa nahiiN bantii zamiiN? kah do !
ye phailaa aasmaaN us vaqt kyuN dil ko lubhaataa thaa?
har ek samt ab anokhe log haiN aur un kii baateN haiN
ko’ii dil se phisal jaatii, ko’ii siine men chubh jaatii
inhiiN baatoN kii lahroN par bahaa jaataa hai ye bajraa !
jise saahil nahiiN miltaa
maiN jis ke saamne aauuN mujhe laazim hai halkii muskaraahaT
meN kaheN ye hoNT “tum ko jaanta huN”, dil kahe “kab jaanta huN maiN?”
inhii lahroN pe bahta huuN mujhe saahil nahiiN miltaa
simaT kar kis liye nuqtaa nahiiN bantii zamiiN, kah do!
vo kaisii muskuraahaT thii, bahan kii muskaraahaT thii,
meraa bhaaii bhii haNstaa thaa
vo haNstaa thaa, bahan hanstii hai, apne dil meN kahtii hai
ye kaisii baat bhaa’ii ne kahii, dekho vo ammaaN, aur abbaa ko hansii aayii
magar yuN vaqt bahtaa hai tamaasha ban gaya saahil
mujhe saahil nahiiN miltaa !
simaT kar kis liye nuqta nahiN bantii zamiiN kah do!
ye kaisa pher hai, taqdiir ka ye pher to shaayad nahiiN, lekin
ye phailaa aasmaaN us vaqt kyuN dil ko lubhaataa thaa?
hayaat-e-mukHtasar sab kii bahi jaati hai aur maiN bhi
har ek ko dekhta huN, muskuraata hai ke hansta hai
ko’ii haNstaa nazar aaye, ko’ii rotaa nazar aaye
maiN sab ko dekhta huN dekh kar Khaamosh rahtaa huN
mujhe saahil nahiiN miltaa !


I Remember Home
Why, I ask, does the earth not shrink to a point?
Why at first, did this wide sky lure the heart?
All around are strange people, strange words:
Some slide over the heart, others pierce it.
On these waving words flows the heart’s vessel,
Which finds no shore.
Whomever I meet I duly greet, smiling, but what lips affirm
In “I know you,” the heart denies with “I don’t.”
I move on those waves
And find no shore.
Why does this earth not shrink to a point?
What a smile, my sister’s smile, my brother laughing,
She delighting in his words,
Delighting in our parent’s laughter !
Yet time flows on, the shore a spectacle.
I find no shore.
Why does th earth not shrink to a point?
Perhaps this cycle lies outside of fate; why
Did this wide sky once lure the heart?
The brief life of all things flows on; and I
Watch each one, smiling, laughing,
Watching, I am silent.
I find no shore.