22 July, 2007


Dealings with college Check
Inter Exams Check
Blood Relations Check
University Admin Check
Weddings Check
Baby-sit Esha Check
Update Morning of my fate Check
Creating Poetry Blog Pending
Practical-s Pending
One imp phone call Pending
Cleaning room Pending
Shopping Pending

Today almost a year has passed since I last updated my blog.. And all this time I’ve been trying to get a hold on something we call “Time”...Silly isn’t it! Well getting a hold on something which never stops (or even waits...) is only possible if u run as fast as itself... Which again is a very silly thing to do? However the truth is that I’ve been acting this way due to some mundane reasons! After all we all have to struggle for a peaceful living –Isn’t it? Anyways.. “Better late than never” is the phrase which always saves me out ;-)
I want to inform all you buddies out there, that I AM BACK ON EARTH... & to your suprize.. Still Alive..! (Wink)