21 July, 2005

Change is the essence of life !


Sorry frnds for being late ...this time aswell.. lolz, but am sure after few days i'll be enlisted in the regular bloggers list ;)
Last few days had been the most happiest as well as the sadest days of my life...as many things has been changed in those few days..(good or bad...i duno...:P)
my younger sisters who were 8 has now turned into 9....my elder sister who was single has now turned into double lolz i mean married...
my mum who was 36 has now turned into 37...my self who was an idiot has now turned into an emotional one lolz ,
my house which was a place of unbearable noise has now turned into a bit silent one's as all noise has gone hahahaha (sorry sis..am kidding)
and over all my family which had 7 members ,now has only 6 remaing !

I wish i could go back to those days when we both were just a little child ...fighting for dolls ..screaming for getting the TV'S remote controle....and tht usual thing ... running after me for spilting something in the kitchen when she's all done with the cleaning stuffs lolzz
....and how culd i forget our childhood's night habbit ...when we both go to bed.. and even if we had a big busted fight ..we were suppose to hold eachothers hand before sleeping ...lolz
gossssssssh i dont believe i miss her....as i've always said her tht am never ever going to miss u , moreover am going to pray tht u r gone !!!!! :(

Well am sorry sis for irritating u soooo soooo much but still am younger one so i've the right to do so hehe ;)
and yes at last i do miss u ...and am going to miss u every mint....!!

"May you live every day of your life."

P.S: Hey sis...Dont get senti as i miss u juss b'cz i hv to do all the work now :P

10 July, 2005

Ay ishq kahein lay chal.....

Un chand sitaaroN key bikhrey howay shahroN meiN
unn noor ki kirnoN ki Thahri hui lahroN meiN
Thahri hui nahroN meiN, soiyee howi lahroN meiN

ai kHizr-e-haseeN lay chal! ay ishq kahiN ley chal !

aankhoN meiN samaai hai ik kHwaab-numaa duniya
taaroN ki tarah raushan mahtab numaa duniya
jannat ki tarah rangeeN shadaab numaa duniya

lillah wahiN ley chal! ai ishq kahiN lay chal!

yeH dard bhari duniya basti hai gunaahoN ki
dil chaak ummidoN ki, saffak nigahoN ki
zulmoN ki, jafaaoN ki, aahoN ki, karaahoN ki

haiN gHam sey haziN, lay chal! ay ishq kahiN ley chal!

qudrat ho himaayat per, humdard ho qismat bhi
salma bhi ho pahloo meiN, salma ki muhabbat bhi
har shai meiN faragHat ho, aur teri inaayat bhi

ay tifl-e-haseeN lay chal! ay ishq kahiN lay chal!

hum prem pujari haiN, tu prem kanhaiyya hai
hum prem kanhaiyya haiN, yeH prem ki nayyaa hai
yeH prem ki nayya hai, tu iss ka khiwayyaa hai

kuchh fikr nahiN lay chal! ay ishq kahiN lay chal!

03 July, 2005

Happy Birthday !!

Ok Finally,I have baked ur 20th birthday's cake all by my self :P...isint it extra-ordinary lolz...
Actaully this is the most unique cake i've ever made for any one..as i've mixed in it 8 cups of love..6 cups of care...10 tea-spoons of trust...5 tea-spoons of hugs,8 tea-spoons of prosperity,endless jars of happiness and 1000 mugs of kisses ..lolz so i am sure u'll love it..wont ya :P

Birthday's are usually diff from ordinary days just becz we get extra love, extra cash and extra gifts in it lolz so i must give u one as well to make ur day look diff frm the ordianry one's ;).. so here i go with handling u the most precious & beautiful gift ever....hope u'll like it...!

ik majma-e-rangeeN meN wo ghabraayi hui si
baithi hai ajab naaz se sharmaayi hui si
aankhoN meN haya lab pe hansi aayi hui si

honToN pe fida rooh-e-bahaar-e-gul-o-nasreeN
aankhoN ki chamak rukash-e-bazm mah parveeN
pairahan-e-zar taar meN ik paikar-e-seemeeN

lahreN si wo leta hua ik phool ka sahra
sahre meN jhamakta hua ik chaand sa chehra
ik rang sa, rukH pe kabhi halka kabhi gahra

har saans meN ahsaas-e-faraadaaN ki kahaani
kHaamoshi-e-mahboob meN ik seel-e-ma'ani
jazbaat ke toofaan meN hai dosheeza jawaanni

fitrat naye jazbaat ke dar khol rahi hai
meezan-e-jawaani meN usse tol rahi hai
lab saakat-o-saamat haiN nazar bol rahi hai

sarshaar nigaahoN meN haya jhoom rahi hai
haiN raqs meN aflaak zameeN ghoom rahi hai
shaayar ki wafa baRh ke qadam choom rahi hai

ai too ke tere dam see meri zamzama kHwaani
ho tujh ko mubaarak ye teri noor jahaani
ifkaar se mahfooz rahe teri jawaani

chhalke teri aankhoN se sharaab aur zyaada
mahkeN tere aariz ke gulaab aur zyaada
allah kare zor-e-shabaab aur zyaada

Once again ...Many many happy returns ofthe day my dear sis...:)May u live a happy and prosperous life with all ur wishes fulfiled !