08 February, 2016

Same old pair of eyes with renewed vision!

Reading some of my old posts in which I have whined about the noisiness in my house back in 2009 (probably caused by my younger twin sisters) I realized how a person is never EVER at peace with what s/he has! Back then I would complain about all that noisiness and today sitting in my quiet house all by myself, in my mind I’m appreciating the passive company of the noises of people I love running as the background music of my day! While I say this today, tomorrow hopefully when I have my own kids, I would probably go back to craving stillness and quiet. This proves that our untamed minds are never at peace IN THE MOMENT. So maybe we need all this education, skills, money, comfort, success to somehow run into enough life experiences to finally realize that all we truly need to get ourselves is to live in the moment lovingly! To love our surroundings however they are, because it will not stay this way forever! To love the noise, love the silence, love the incompleteness, love the cracks, and love the spills, because it will all go away sooner than we think it will.

So here’s to today, to this moment, to 11:08 am on a Monday morning, which I don’t want to alter! I want to sit through this morning and appreciate it exactly how it is, in all its perfection and all its flaws. I am living you 8th Feb 2016, I am alive in this very moment to the full capacity of my consciousness and I am content!


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