08 January, 2014

Set of goals

Considering today is 8th January already, I feel if I don’t keep a track of this year, it will slip away in the blink of an eye. I want to achieve a lot this year and my maximum concentration will be on expanding my knowledge and skill base. One of the skills I had never thought I’d want to acquire is learning Dutch. However, as the circumstances unfolded themselves I realized I need to excel this language like a hunter needs to hunt his animal; with fearlessness and aggression.

For some reason I feel like life is slipping by too fast, when I was 13 I remember I wanted to grow older so fast and so badly, if it were up to me I’d use a magic wand then and made myself 20 something. Now that I am 25, I feel its passing by really quickly. I want for it to stop for a while, just till I can plan how I want my 25th year to turn out. But sadly, no matter how controlling I am, I can’t control time, nature, space, happenings and catastrophes.

My wish-list this year:

Get more organized
Learn as much Dutch as possible.
Get enrolled in a Master’s Program
Manage new house perfectly well
Keep a positive outlook on life no matter what

I think these are very do-able set of goals and I truly hope I have the courage to stand up and work these things out for myself.


Anonymous Asad Dhanji said...

time to update!

3:02 PM  

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