29 April, 2005

"The Lord is my light, and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

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Sometimes I ask the question,
"My Lord, is this your will?"
It's then I hear you answer me,
"My Precious Child... be still."

Sometimes I feel frustrated,
cause I think I know what's best.
It's then I hear you say to me,
"My Busy Child... just rest"

Sometimes I feel so lonely
and I think I'd like a mate
Your still small voice gets oh so clear
and says, "My Child... please wait"

I know the plans I have for you,
the wondrous things you'll see;
If you can just be patient,Child,
and put your trust in me.

I've plans to draw you closer.
I've plans to help you grow.
There's much I do you cannot see
and much you do not know.

But know this,Child .....I LOVE YOU.
You are Precious unto Me.
Before I formed you in the womb,
I planned your destiny.

I've something very special
I hope for you to learn.
The gifts I wish to give to you
are gifts you cannot earn.

They come without a price tag,
but not without a cost;
at Calvary, I gave My Son,
so You would not be lost.

Rest Child, and do not weary
of doing what is good.
I promise I'll come back for you
just like I said I would.

Your name is written on my palm,
I never could forget,
Therefore, do not be discouraged
when my answer is... "Not Yet"

Writer : Dont knw, but not atleast me ;)

27 April, 2005

At the touch of luv,Everyone becomes a poet !

Poetry is an art of apprehending and interpreting ideas by the faculty of imagination, the art of idealizing in thought and in expression.
Poetry writing is a pleasure indeed,It gives immense of relaxation to my mind, and one surely becomes creative.
I believe tht poetry has a total control on a persons mood,it distracts one's mind frm frusturation,and some times even leads to frusturation,its all upon ur choice , like wht ur reading,usually one good choice of mine turns my worst day into the best ones ;)
Oh yes,i forgot to mention tht the one am talking abt is URDU-POETRY !

Comming to the poets,i like Ahmed Faraz a lot,he writes simple and very touching,while reading him i sometimes think tht how do i even dare to write some of my owns :D, besides Ahmed Faraz ,i like gulzar,bashir badr,Jigar Moradabadi,Nida Fazli and actaully everyone :)

Few Ashaar of AHMED FARAZ which i like most are

karuu.N na yaad magar kis tarah bhulaa_uu.N use
Gazal bahaanaa karuu.N aur gun_gunaa_uu.N use

ab ke ham bichha.De to shaayad kabhii Khvaabo.n me.n mile.n
jis tarah suukhe hue phuul kitaabo.n me.n mile.n
tuu Khudaa hai na meraa ishq farishto.n jaisaa
dono.n insaa.N hai.n to kyon itane hijaabon me.n mile.n


dukh fasaanaa nahii.n ke tujh se kahe.n
dil bhii maanaa nahii.n ke tujh se kahe.n
aaj tak apanii bekalii kaa sabab
Khud bhii jaanaa nahii.n ke tujh se kahe.n


Usually i like all kinds of Ghazals and Nazam,but some of my all time favourites includes,

kabhii Khvaabo.n me.n milaa vo to Khayaalo.n me.n kabhii
raah chalate na milaa din ke ujaale me.n kabhii

zindagii hamase to is darjaa taGaaful na barat
ham bhii shaamil the tere chaahanevaalo.n me.n kabhii

jinakaa ham aaj talak paa na sake koii javaab
Khud ko Dhuu.Ndhaa kiye un TalKh savaalo.n me.n kabhii

tho.Dii rusavaaii tumhaarii bhii to hogii yaaro
chhap gae sher hamaare jo risaalo.n me.n kabhii


daastaan-e-Gam-e-dil unako sunaa_ii na ga_ii
baat biga.Dii kuchh aisii ki banaa_ii na ga_ii

sab ko ham bhuul ga_e josh-e-junuu.N e.n lekin
ek terii yaad thii aisii ki bhulaa_ii na ga_ii

ishq par kuchh na chalaa diidaa-e-tar kaa jaaduu
usane jo aag lagaa dii vo bujhaa_ii na ga_ii


baat nikalegii to phir duur talak jaayegii
log bevajah udaasii kaa sabab puuchhe.nge
ye bhii puuchhe.ge ki tum itanii pareshaa.N kyuu.N ho
u.ngaliyaa.N uThe.ngii sukhe huye baalo.n kii taraf
ik nazar dekhe.nge guzare huye saalo.n kii taraf
chu.Diyo.n par bhii ka_ii tanz kiye jaaye.nge
kaa.Npate haatho.n pe bhii fikre kase jaaye.nge
log zaalim hai.n har ik baat kaa taanaa de.nge
baato.n baato.n me.n meraa zikr bhii le aaye.nge
unakii baato.n kaa zaraa saa bhii asar mat lenaa
varnaa chehare ke taasur se samajh jaaye.nge
chaahe kuchh bhii ho savaalaat na karanaa unase
mere baare me.n ko_ii baat na karanaa unase
baat nikalegii to phir duur talak jaayegii


ho.nTho.n se chhuulo tum meraa giit amar kar do
ban jaao miit mere merii priit amar kar do

na umar kii siimaa ho na janam kaa ho ba.ndhan
jab pyaar kare ko_ii to dekhe keval man
na_ii riit chalaakar tum ye riit amar kara do

jag ne chhiinaa mujhase mujhe jo bhii lagaa pyaaraa
sab jiitaa kiye mujhase mai.n har dam hii haaraa
tum haar ke dil apanaa merii jiit amar kar do

aakaash kaa suunaapan mere tanahaa man me.n
paayal chhanakaatii tum aajaao jiivan me.n
saa.Nse.n dekar apanii sa.ngiit amar kar do


muu.Nh kii baate.n sune har ko_ii, dil kaa dard na jaane kaun
aavaazo.n ke baazaaro.n me.n Khaamoshii pahachaane kaun

sadiyo.n sadiyo.n vahii tamaashaa rastaa rastaa lambii khoy
lekin jab ham mil jaate hai.n, kho jaataa hai jaane kaun

vo meraa aa_iinaa hai mai.n us kii parachhaa_ii huu.N
mere hii ghar me.n rahataa hai, mujh jaisaa hii jaane kaun

kirat kirat halkaa saa suuraj, palal palak khulatii nii.nde.n
yuu.N hii dilpighal rahaa hai, zarraa-zarraa jaane kaun


hamako dushman kii nigaaho.n se na dekhaa kiije
pyaar hii pyaar hai.n ham ham pe bharosaa kiije

cha.nd yaado.n ke sivaa haath na kuchh aayegaa
is tarah umr-e-guzaraa kaa na piichhaa kiije

roshnii auro.n ke aa.Ngan me.n gavaaraa na sahii
kam se kam apane hii ghar me.n to ujaalaa kiije

kyaa Khabar kab vo chale aaye.nge milane ke liye
roz palako.n pe nayii shamae.n jalaayaa kiije


And Now i think to stop right here b'coz this session is unendable :)

Hold your friends with both hands....

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I was too young, when i use to see at school how one friend cheats the other one, by letting him copy during class-test, by praising him for wht he wasn't ,by lieing to him for being late on every occassion , and so on ,
Frankly speaking, i was afraid of making friends or u can say afraid of being cheated :)
But gradually ,as i grew up, my sorroundings changed, my inner 'me' changed and my thoughts started replacing,at tht time i understood the real meaning of Freinds,at tht time i came to knw tht my skool frnds were'nt frauding with each other but tht was the real luv between them which made them help each other, even during examz :D

Like many other ppl, My thoughts abt 'Friends' is tht,
Friends are those who listens to u and are there for u whenever u need them,
Friends are those who cares for u , who doesnt wants u to get hurted ,tht y they lie sometimes as well ;)
Friends are those who gives u the strength of facing the wold ,by there words,by there acts ,by there kindness and by there love !
Friends are those who makes the feeling of being special in you,
and last but not the least,
A real friend is with whom u share every moment of ur life, every joy of ur life, every misery of ur life, even if she's apart frm u

To find a real good friend one have to be sure tht the person ur making friend is as good as , as caring as , as admiring as ,as simple as ,as tender as , as sweet as , as devoted as, as frank as , as sincere as ,and as genius as my friend is :D

Something i wuld quote for my Friend here, to let her knw how special she is , even though words can replace but still they can try :)

You're... my friend,
my companion,
through good times and bad my friend,
my buddy, through happy and sad,
beside me you stand,beside me you walk,
you're there to listen,you're there to talk,
with happiness,
with smiles,
with pain and tears,
I know you'll be there,
throughout the years! :)