06 June, 2011

I wish going away was as simple as picking up a bag and sitting in a plane but it’s not as simple. You need to pack that bag, item by item, practically choosing everything you decide to take along and leave behind. Then you need to book a ticket to your destination, say your goodbyes to the place you are leaving hoping the place you are going to is worth the sacrifice and then you sit through the flight with all those uncertainties hovering over your head which won’t let you enjoy your flight. As tiresome as it may sound, it actually is the most exciting part of the journey. What is there in your journey once you’ve reached the desired destination? Probably the waiting period where all the uncertainties materialize themselves but let’s not get all carried away here! All I know is that we cannot estimate the impact of a journey until we’ve taken it. We cannot know what lies ahead until we’ve gone there and experienced what is there to experience. If nothing else, we’ll have a brave story to re-tell ourselves once we are old and testy! So yes, I am still going strong on my decision to leave behind my comfort zone, against all odds, against all the “do-not-go” counter arguments presented by my mind to me.

01 June, 2011

So I have decided from this point on every experience I encounter will be documented. Mainly because this process of documentation helps me think clearly and second because I know for sure that the 30 year old me would like to read how the 20 year old me used to be hence all this documentation would make the 30 year old me happy so basically I am concerned about my future happiness and I am going to take adequate steps to ensure my future happiness! And lastly, all this documentation will help me grow out of this blogging hiatus I’ve been prolonging since a long time now!

Enough about past and the future, let’s get to the present. I have just recently graduated completing my Bachelors in Social Sciences and Economics with Majors in Psychology and I am presently in the middle of making important and life changing decisions. I am fully in control of taking or not taking chances and for some reason, being fully in control is making me go hysterical. Decision making is hard as it is but well, that’s no reason to not make one, because whatever we choose or not choose in life, we are going to face the consequences. So here I am after 15 days of graduation, packing my bag and stepping out of my comfort zone to explore the world and my place in it. I could have easily gotten a job staying here in my own country and comfort zone but I’d rather go out and explore than settle for whatever comes my way. I have no idea how it’s going to be out there, how things will unfold, what should I expect or shouldn’t expect, but all I know is that I am making an effort to write my own destiny and whatever be the consequences of my decisions, I am not going to regret it because at least I took a decision instead of just going with the flow. This is my way of breaking free. Stay tuned for more.