19 March, 2006

“Silence is a source of great strength.”

I dont really know..why every now and then, these kind of situtions come in life..Sometimes..one feels so strong...so composed....so intact...as if...he can fight with anything tht comes in his way...No hinderance can bother his dreams..no source can fade his spirit...! but thn sometimes... duno why...and how ...tht gesutre..tht strength..tht courage..fades...! Seems so broken...so uncomposed...even though things are unchanged...life is as kool as ever..thn Y such state of mind? Why sometimes desperation over takes inspiration...why sometimes we stop believing ourselves...Why such kinda irresistable varitations in human nature ?!

P.s: Will be speechless here for a short time !

Have a great week ahead :)


Blogger Manish said...

Its a way of life. Everybody goes thru these highs & lows.Moods swings are as real as the day & night. so u can't escape from it. Try to pump up by keep reminding the goal to ur self again & again.

8:15 PM  
Blogger done said...

That's so true what manish mentioned, and I hope you don't feel this way long. I was once told that we arent's destined here, and we'll go through things to remind ourselves that we have a better place, where is no worries,pain, or saddness and that's where we are destined to be, so while on earth we'll go through our high and very lows times, but someday there will be peace for our souls. So I took this person statement to heart, and I'm looking forward to my peace:) Take care, Elisa:)

11:18 PM  
Blogger Dawn....सेहर said...

Look at the brighter side dear...:)

Jaise raat ke baad Dawn aati hai na waise hee ;)


7:51 AM  
Blogger PuNeEt said...

thats wat life is...
nothing is forever

u take care


6:52 PM  

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