21 July, 2005

Change is the essence of life !


Sorry frnds for being late ...this time aswell.. lolz, but am sure after few days i'll be enlisted in the regular bloggers list ;)
Last few days had been the most happiest as well as the sadest days of my life...as many things has been changed in those few days..(good or bad...i duno...:P)
my younger sisters who were 8 has now turned into 9....my elder sister who was single has now turned into double lolz i mean married...
my mum who was 36 has now turned into 37...my self who was an idiot has now turned into an emotional one lolz ,
my house which was a place of unbearable noise has now turned into a bit silent one's as all noise has gone hahahaha (sorry sis..am kidding)
and over all my family which had 7 members ,now has only 6 remaing !

I wish i could go back to those days when we both were just a little child ...fighting for dolls ..screaming for getting the TV'S remote controle....and tht usual thing ... running after me for spilting something in the kitchen when she's all done with the cleaning stuffs lolzz
....and how culd i forget our childhood's night habbit ...when we both go to bed.. and even if we had a big busted fight ..we were suppose to hold eachothers hand before sleeping ...lolz
gossssssssh i dont believe i miss her....as i've always said her tht am never ever going to miss u , moreover am going to pray tht u r gone !!!!! :(

Well am sorry sis for irritating u soooo soooo much but still am younger one so i've the right to do so hehe ;)
and yes at last i do miss u ...and am going to miss u every mint....!!

"May you live every day of your life."

P.S: Hey sis...Dont get senti as i miss u juss b'cz i hv to do all the work now :P


Blogger Manish said...

Hi Zainab
Welcome Back!
So all ceromonies r over!
Do send us pics of the function whenever u have them!

hmmm slightly modified song for the occasion :)

phir tumhari yaad aayi aye behan (sis)
hum na bhoolenge tumhein allah kasam! ayee behan

12:45 AM  
Blogger Dawn....सेहर said...

hai...naughty!!!! U getting senti...c'mon...take a pill n chill :)

Ur sis is going to start a new life and I think you must cheer her up..since she will be missing all 6 of u :) ...so wahan ka palada bhari hai...!! & yes..whatever u did...is a way of expressing love to ur sis..:)

cheer up and manage the home front..;) now its ur turn la la la ...


1:22 AM  
Blogger Manish said...

Happy Frenship Day Chutki!

Waise kabhi apne blog pe khud bhi aa jaya karo na :(

12:49 AM  

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