27 April, 2005

Hold your friends with both hands....

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I was too young, when i use to see at school how one friend cheats the other one, by letting him copy during class-test, by praising him for wht he wasn't ,by lieing to him for being late on every occassion , and so on ,
Frankly speaking, i was afraid of making friends or u can say afraid of being cheated :)
But gradually ,as i grew up, my sorroundings changed, my inner 'me' changed and my thoughts started replacing,at tht time i understood the real meaning of Freinds,at tht time i came to knw tht my skool frnds were'nt frauding with each other but tht was the real luv between them which made them help each other, even during examz :D

Like many other ppl, My thoughts abt 'Friends' is tht,
Friends are those who listens to u and are there for u whenever u need them,
Friends are those who cares for u , who doesnt wants u to get hurted ,tht y they lie sometimes as well ;)
Friends are those who gives u the strength of facing the wold ,by there words,by there acts ,by there kindness and by there love !
Friends are those who makes the feeling of being special in you,
and last but not the least,
A real friend is with whom u share every moment of ur life, every joy of ur life, every misery of ur life, even if she's apart frm u

To find a real good friend one have to be sure tht the person ur making friend is as good as , as caring as , as admiring as ,as simple as ,as tender as , as sweet as , as devoted as, as frank as , as sincere as ,and as genius as my friend is :D

Something i wuld quote for my Friend here, to let her knw how special she is , even though words can replace but still they can try :)

You're... my friend,
my companion,
through good times and bad my friend,
my buddy, through happy and sad,
beside me you stand,beside me you walk,
you're there to listen,you're there to talk,
with happiness,
with smiles,
with pain and tears,
I know you'll be there,
throughout the years! :)


Blogger Manish said...

Welcome to the family of bloggers
GN (thats the nick i will give u here)
Real frens r rare comodity in this universe!
Congrats for finding one!
Uparwale se meri yahi iltiza hai ki aapki us dost se aapki dosti phale phoole aur jo trust aap donon mein ek doosre ke liye hai wo bana rahe!


12:21 AM  
Blogger Dawn....सेहर said...

Amazing...:) I am glad...you learnt from worst...as often we are so protected from the world that we tend to assume things around us & many times it becomes difficult when we enter in the real world..!

I wish you good luck and happiness today and forever..


3:53 AM  
Blogger Gumnaaaam said...

Ahmm GN , tht koool :D

Thnxz a lot for ur kind comments on my blog.

Aapki duaon k liyee behad mamnoon hain ,Allah aapki duaon par square laga kar qabol karay (ameen) :)

Thnxz :)

6:27 PM  
Blogger Gumnaaaam said...

Thnxz a lot dawn ,for visitng,commenting,and wishing me good luck here as this one was for u :)

6:34 PM  

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