05 August, 2006

“I have never known any distress that an hour's reading did not relieve.”

Reading Novels had never been an Important thing in my life ..before last year..
I was basically a once in a blue moon reader ..
I use to read only when all the other options were closed for me..!
May be because I never considered my interest on choosing a book! Infact..I use to read those books which were roaming in my house...probably others choice!
so particularly I never tried reading my own choice...therefore I lacked interest in them...But since last year holidays were turning out to be kinda boring for me..therefore I decided to purchase some of them.. purely of my own interest.. But, even then I was sure about the fact that I’ll finish them in a year or so..B’coz a really non regular reader I was.. But well..things dint turned out to be the way I thought..I bought home Sophies World ..(and others along with it..but I started from this one).
It is a book which generates in you, all kind of philosophical thoughts...I still remember the first lesson of my life.. which I learned on my own.. was through this book...n that was ..

Happiness Doesn’t rests in materialistic things..[Infact its not a thing]
Its not in living in a luxurious house with servants all around u ...But it is, in feeling at ease , even in a non luxurious house ..
It is not happiness when u speak in a cheerful tone , sitting in an air-conditioned space...In fact the true happiness is cheering and feeling at peace ,without even a fan .. Taking whatever nature offers is happiness....because this is the only bliss which no one can snatch it from you.. Not even bad days.. Not even worse circumstances!Initially I used to consider these wise thoughts as
'Kitabi Batain'…but then I realized that truth surely inhabits in them!

Well then…after reading this book…I started ‘Reading’ like it was my childhood passion.. lol..and believe me.. It helps me in so many ways…Sometimes a trouble skips my mind while reading and sometimes trouble makers ;) And what I’ve observed so far is that..

Not only Time…but Reading is also a great big healer!


Blogger :: The Protector :: said...

how ya girl... long time.... hope you doing well....

Yeah! reading is good susbsitute....

being a loner, to kill the time during weekends me started reading...now its become a part of me...



10:46 AM  
Blogger V N said...

very true indeed!
ever heard of reading providing the healing touch and later on turning to be addictive???
thats me!
;) :)

6:17 PM  
Blogger Anand said...

Hey I agree completely!
Have been an avid reader and always feel that I am losing out on something when I am not reading!
I have a huge collection of books in my house coz I love to collect books as well!

6:28 AM  
Blogger Ekta said...

I love reading but off late have not been able to spend too much time reading thx to the hectic lives we read!
But ur post is now motivating me to catch up on all the lost reading time!

2:28 PM  
Blogger Manish said...

Chalo hum logon ki sangat ka kuch to asar pada :p

7:31 PM  
Blogger rachana said...

hii,, good write up.. true. at times reading is a great help in our lives!!

1:16 PM  
Blogger Dawn....सेहर said...

hey gal I never knew that ....gosh! I love to read in fact I hardly get time but I try to manage some how..!
I will say you must read and yes its a good habbit too ;)

9:07 AM  

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