16 June, 2006

In their veins must be Bl00d — But in mine is... negativity!

Yet again am restless...
Yet again am lone...
With the profile all sinful...
Yet agian am drowned !

Am I really suppose to write something when my mind says...I should simply die or just disappear somewhere.
I don’t know what the hack is required from an ordinary human being to exsist fully. Which key leads to the door of relief..What deeds are required to get out of the daily isolation this surrounding.. is providing.When is the mere word happiness gonna enter this ordinary man's premises..
So dark is the shadow of man..and so is his mind.
It desperately needs some light..for God sake... Get some brains please..!
What are the rights of a human being, Am I suppose to mention this to someone an elderly professionalized man, Infact to some nuts who hold the victory of youths..
Okay… let me not drag you guys into what am freakily trying to tell, but one thing is for sure guys..and that is..am not really in a good mood...am really really not in a good mood...But anyway.. Why am I mentioning this here ! Or even anywhere..!
This thing is suppose to be in my personal diary.. not in a public place ..isn’t it so guys !

Anyways.. I am out again with some new thoughts which dared to borned in my mind and hence now appearing here on my space..
The comments I assure you would be like.. I really am a negative thinker...lol ..And thats what I am..and I cannot CHANGE !
Yes I know ..thats bad at my side..I should change my bad parts...or at least try to control..
but unfortunately..even when am trying…everything really is slipping out of my hands..Just like these worlds unintentionally are slipping out of my tongue. I could have wish my hand to become a rigid stuff… if the slipping possession was water...
I could have wished my hand to become a softer stuff if the slipping gist was my life. But what should I turn my hand into..When the slipping stuff is simply everything..
Yes Simply E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Sound interesting ..isn’t it :]

Here goes my lil creation,

Zist na kamiyab 'aur dil bhi,
Hum howay benakab 'aur dil bhi,

Sham hi say ubal rahay hain jee,
rou rahay hain kharab 'aur dil bhi,

Tang hain tishnagi say ay yarab!
lab tou mangain sarab'aur dil bhi,

Ab kay jo ho cuka hai jee ka ziyan,
sab hi dain gay hisab 'aur dil bhi !

P.S : [ The 10th of june's post is missing..will be here soon ]


Blogger Ekta said...

Well what can I say except that ur post echoed my sentiments!
Geuss we all have pur share of downs in life and sometimes these phases last a little longer than expected!
Am also struggling to cope with this phase in life right now where I dont know how to stay positive anymore!
but guess family and frds are what keep you going and they are my anchor right now!
But u have to realise that the strength for this can come only from within...so dont give up!

6:51 AM  
Blogger Dawn....सेहर said...

Zainab dear...am very sad to read this post of yours...as I know...you are my jaan and my jaan cannot be negative or pessimist to be honest...! Seems like someone replaced the hardware that I had rectified...whats wrong dear..>! I always told you any issue...call me or leave me a note...this is not the way to cope and deal with situations...! Its true...a momentary thought hai ye and in the heat of that you wrote this post...but kya iss post ko parhkar ...auron per kya guzarti hai socha hai?
Jagu ka woh ghazal yaad aagaya...

zindagii mein sada muskuraate raho
Specially for you I am going to add this ghazal in my radio blog...!
You know what I was going to take this radio blog away but when you said no ...I kept it...I dont want to see my jaan like this..please it hurts me..!
Cheer up gal...
May Allah Bless you and take away all your worries...as you are too young to go through like this...

7:39 AM  

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