18 August, 2006

Excitement Ends In Tears,While Boredom Ends In Fears!

Vacations are just like husbands ..once you get it.. u want to get rid of it...and as soon as u do so.. you start feeling the feeling that there is nothing as comforting as a Shu-band !! [See how much an unarranged spell of hubbies resembles with SHOE ;)]
..I was kinda over excited about college re-opening..[As if it was neva going to open again l0lz] Basically I was excited to meet my source of motivation[who doesnt even know tht she is sumone's source of motivation lol]..And I made myself damn sure about the fake thought of mine that my motivation ..who is a professor..is going to teach me this year..!..I reached the college..Attended all the 5 classes and waited like anything to know who really is going to be my teacher this year…and then…when chemistry time arrived…MR. disappointment came along.. and then the collision : ..Bad feelings surrounded my heart like anything…I felt as if sumthing deep inside me was about to Break….Breaking… and finally Broke!
I never said a word during the class lecture of not-my-desired-teacher ..But later I showed my displeasure to my friends…who were with a feeling that nothing big has happened! Yeah they were true as well ..what’s so immense in not getting the desired teacher [so what if its my last year at college].. or what a big deal if few of our prayers ends in nothing or few of our wishes are not considered eligible enuf to get the status of “WISHES”.. But believe me… even after keeping such frustrated thoughts in my minds…I recalled unintentionally one of my childhood lessons which says ...

“…We are not the creator of ourselves.. God is…and He knows when to do and what to do.. Everything Happens for some good..either to ourselves,or to others .. sometimes a bad moment turns out to be the cause of a life time pleasure… and sometimes.. vise versa …”

.. A wave of ‘something-I-cannot-define’ passed my body…Sudden chill generated with in.. a line of sweat appeared on my upper lip.. so suddenly that I for a moment thought tht how God manages to make this process occur so damn quickly..I questioned myself..What was that…How could I forget my childhood lessons.. How could I be such a disbeliever or even a doubter! How could I forget how much my past distress made me learn Bad is Good.. So is God.. and so is His decisions…Yes.. So Is His Decisions!!


Blogger Ekta said...

so true..lovely quote!
Indeed sometimes we place so much importance on our desires that we forget that after all we are god creations and he knows what hes doing...guess there is a larger purpose and reason for things happening or not happening!

9:20 AM  
Blogger Gumnaaaam said...


Thnks for ur valued comments Ekta..

..there is a larger purpose and reason for things happening or not happening!

True Indeed! :)

11:59 AM  
Blogger Phoenix Rises said...

Your frustration really came out in this post, and then towards the end, the reconciliation...
You believe in destiny?

4:18 PM  
Blogger Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW someone is growing up I guess :D...hey but I never knew the vacations are like husbands (rollin eyes) Manish can you comment here ...lol

Amazing...but one advise you might learn something new from this teacher ...try it out ;)
All the best dear

5:55 AM  

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