08 February, 2010

The reason why I haven’t been blogging lately is because I’ve been journaling, as part of my coursework, of course. And journaling is exhausting-cum-fun-cum-relieving-cum-revealing. It requires me to pour my heart out on the paper without fears of being judged, accepted or rejected. It just asks me to put it all down without thinking if it makes sense or not, if words are in a flow or not, if they are well presented or not, if anyone understands what I’m saying or not. And that helps. For once, not being understood by others helps; it helps for us to understand ourselves. And for once not making sense is acceptable and rewarding. So naturally I had to choose that over blogging. Blogging doesn’t give you that much liberty now, does it? And it’s not just the blog; it’s simply how the world works. Our world! [right or wrong – for you to decide]

Psychology is awesome by the way. The most reconciling of subjects, if you ask me. You get to know all there is to know through psychology. And if I weren’t so exhausted right now I’d have probably explained the how-s and why-s in detail but I’m tired, plus I’m on a pretense diet. Diet leads to hunger and Freud says hunger and sleep are two primary factors that play their parts in activating a chain of hyper-aggressive actions. Hyper-aggression can lead to murder. I don’t want to be a murderer. -_-

Oh and FYI: I said Freud says, and not Freud Said. Meaning I’m talking about some Freud who is alive. The real one is dead. So you don’t have to believe what I’m saying because I quoted the fake Freud. Not the father of psychodynamics Freud.

.. and I thought I was on a pretense diet -_-


Blogger Thinking said...

hmm...interesting...I one day want to share whatever you had written with free mind on your journal...

Was it your personal journal you refered to or was it some kind of hoework?

Doing homewrok is boring...while writing gives you pleasure whatever the subject...

Enjoy writing dear.

1:35 PM  

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