19 January, 2010

And when I'm HIGH...

I can’t believe my neurons still want me to go ahead with blogging at the end of this weirdishly long day! Can’t say it was tiring too coz I hardly did anything productive! Oh well I did visit the bathroom a several times but I don’t think anyone would want me to count that as productive production?! Anyway this useless day was not my fault! Our “International Law and Human Rights (like-that-exists)” class was replaced by this Seminar on Tolerance & something like uniting for peace & blah! All I remember from that seminar is that it gave me the headache of my life & even after 11 hours of that horrific experience; the headache has not gone! *No exaggerations at all*

I was incredibly HIGH today! High on nothingness - coz I hardly ate, drank or sniffed anything out of the ordinary! And well one must not belittle the power of nothingness! I was just telling the twins the other day about the importance of nothing in order for something to be! Like for example, if it wasn’t for nothing, we wouldn’t have been able to breathe or talk! [Yes, I’m about to clarify this phenomena for those of you who’re a little thick in the head!] I’m referring to the nostril-hole nothingness which allows us to breathe and the free space (i.e. nothing but nothing) inside the mouth which allows the tongue to move up and down freely. So point proved: nothing is what allows something to be! Earth is another example but derive to the explanation yourself! Hint: Milky Way!

By the way earth has cockroaches! And cockroaches are so paranoid! I found one happily wandering in my room so I thought to do some photography out of it but that stupid thing got all hysteric & couldn’t stop himself from running away! Too bad it missed out on a life time opportunity of being captured on a human phone! You bet when this poor thing would have reached his home & would’ve narrated this story to his father; he must’ve gotten those death stares from him on letting go of this life changing opportunity which could’ve reshaped his entire roach-career! Oh and death stares reminds me of my friend. That poor thing bought these *death stares* from a very cheap store (possibly on sale) because she's been trying those on me since the past 3 years & I’m still so very alive!

Err well; the neurons are going all neurotic now! I must take off. I was SO high the whole day today that now it has come to this point where I'm left with no energy at all! Except for the potential energy that I'm automatically receiving - since my bed is elevated from the ground level & I'm on it! *physics joke*


Blogger uglyduckling91 said...

LOL WTH! >_> LOL! Still high?! D:<

High is fun. I get high on sleeplessness. XD


1:31 AM  
Blogger The Me. said...

I love being high on nothing :D
i have my physicks exam in a day, your post was entertaining ^.^
But oh,

1:19 PM  

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