28 January, 2010

Sometimes doing 'nothing' is what makes all the difference...

So… It was her birthday today… (At least that’s what I’ve heard other people saying) And since she’d have hated me knowing it and then doing something about it, therefore I distracted myself the WHOLE day & kept my energies busy at doing anything that’d prevent me from doing something for her.

Some people just don’t like making a big deal about their birthdays. May be she is one of them... And maybe that’s the reason why she never wants me to know about her birthday...

Either way, I think I still couldn’t keep myself from doing something for her and my act of doing nothing for her - with the intent of not hurting her - actually reflected my doing something for her.


Blogger Thinking said...

hmm...sometimes...leaving loved ones on their own is the biggest favour one can do for the loved ones.

but ofcourse because the hardest favour one can think of giving most of the time ignored or may be rejected.

sometimes...or most of the times (for me) love asked for such difficult favours.

hmm....love requires patience...

1:36 AM  

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