21 February, 2006

“As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.”

Today ..my day was quite wonderful which is not very usual..as mondays are so damn blue !
Monday is truely maths day for me..as today I have to attend five maths classes in all..But thanks to God for these classes are not in a row Lol..
As my day started I got occupied with all those books 'questioning ,answering etc etc ..and forgetting everything which was not linked... I sticked to my work attentively ...until I saw someone !!
Yes tht someone was my recent inspiration. All my attention diverted to her..as if some kinda celebrity is here lOl..And at the same time my class ended aswell..so I and my friends were hanging outside the class.. Usually 'miss rao' is not found on our floor as she has nothing to do here..but today as she was suppose to take some substitute class ..she was here on our floor..to gliter our day Lolzz !
Now as she was here..I thought to pass by her and Wish her a Good day,so tht I may start a conversation with her like tht ;) ..Therefore along with my friends ..I started walking towards her..Now the situation was such that I was walking while 'miss rao' was standing few meters away from me..While heading..I had a look on her..and felt as if she was watching me..!Well my friends say it was only my pathetic belief lOls..So let it be so !
As soon as i reached exactly beside her..All my nerves stopped working...my mouth sealed as if I was the greatest dumb ever born on earth who have no words to exchange...But anyways neither of my friends said a word and walked fwd..Now this was the moment when nobody except me observed tht she was quit curious.. about..wht really is the matter..Lol..as she must have seen, me atleast ,roaming around her lab very often ;)..But again this can also be my false prediction or over possessness one may say ;)..Well thn 'miss rao' was wearing a graceful smile on her face..which made me take a deep breathe..:) I was quite upset with myself as wht wuld she be thinking about me...Grr..and thn ultimately I changed my path...I turned and again started heading towards her..with full courage and guts...(my frnds were amazed Lol)..I almost reached her..and thn my bravery started fading...I again walked by her and headed towards my class ..which was on the way...!You guys can call me a loser for this act Lols...
This few mintues incident 'made my morning look so beautiful ..!As soon as I entered my class..I took a piece of paper and noted this momentary look of my inspiration..:)
This may sound a bit funny but believe me guys..anyone who meets tht lady..cant really stop himself from writing about her :-))

Lesson I Learnt Today :-

To smile and share laughters..its not necessary to look forward for big happenings..!
Little delights must be cherished..or else ..one would never get a chance to smile ;)

Have a wonderful Week ahead :)


Blogger Ansoo said...

Anyways...Nice Post...its rather someones flattery...I hope that it satisfys Ms.Rao's vanity alot...
hmm...I remembered..my time of being a student..anyways...this is once a life time and enjoy..as it will not come again..

4:52 AM  
Blogger Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

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6:15 AM  
Blogger Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Aww ... sometimes such little things make u so happy ... and make ur day .... but am still wondering what's so great abt 'miss rao', that none of u ws able to talk to her! hehee

have a nice week ahead :)

6:16 AM  
Blogger Boldnbeautiful said...

hi :) cutely written.

Is this the same inspiration as in Rockford ( Nandita das isn't playing Ms. Rao) hehehe

2:18 PM  
Blogger medebest said...

hi!!!!!!!!we also had a teacher like that in our school.Any way hope some day u will be able to tell her that how much u admire her

7:12 PM  
Blogger Manish said...

hmmmmm aapki baat padh ke ye sher yaad aa gaya

unki ik nazar kaam kar gayi
hosh ab kahan hoshiyaar mein

mere kabze meiN aaiyeena to hai
maiN hooN aapke ikhtiyaar meiN

Btw B& B Rockford mein to opposite pole ka maamla tha yahan to poles same hain :)

7:15 PM  
Blogger Gumnaaaam said...

@Ansoo ji : Very true! I can see the time flying frm now only..Thnks so much :)

@Cheesy : Yes indeed..It really made my day :D ...Umm wht is so gr8 abt miss rao...Ahmm..This is a good question Lol :D Well if u ask appearently..thn she is the most simplest women i've ever met...very sober personality..she doesnt even use any liptick kinda thing ..So u can imagine ;) and if u ask her person vise..thn i must say..a fanatabulus personality..her nature is so very loving..so kind..so gentle...! No words can define !! And her smile..gosh...it is with her every single time...Believe me...Everytime i've seen her ! :)

Thnk u so much :)

@bold-n-beautiful :

Hello..Welcome to my blog :)
Am afraid wht was in rockford Lol..as i havnt seen this movie..but will soon watch it ;)

Thnks for dropping by..Do come again :)

@summiya: Yuppie...One can only hope :D...and moreover ..i hope..this to happen real sooon ;)

@manish ji : Waah..kya khub kahiy miyaan....nashtar bhi chalaya to kya...seedhay nishanay par Lol...haan mamla to hai same pole ka..aur acha hi hai ..opposite hota to ab tak dil ko Love shove ka shuba na hogaya hota Lol ;) :D

6:54 PM  
Blogger Dawn....सेहर said...

Awesome...that you are learning ;)..am glad!!!

lekin jaani ye same pole ke maamle mein i will tell u...jaani ye chaku hai..kya ;)

same pole ho to category hee alagh ho jaati hai..shayad aap Manish ji ki baat nahi samjhe ...lol

umeed hai....pole jo bhi ho...category to nahi badlegi (rollin eyes)


11:35 PM  

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