27 June, 2009

What is ordinary for half of the world is something that I long for

I was on twitter today, viewing random pictures, and I want time to capture my instant thoughts as I viewed this picture, because my unprompted impulsive thoughts represent something. It represents my present, and that of many other people who live in these developing countries like me, and compromise on a day to day basis. We have nothing but dreams and hopes, for a better tommororw.

And this is what i thought as I saw the picture:

I too want to see bullet trains out of my window. I too want to walk on clean roads and breathe dirt free air. I too want a life free of people peeping out at whatever you do. I too want to wander on the streets at night and not be afraid of being shot. I too want all that freedom which would enable me to use my own two eyes, my own hands and feet - whatever way I want. Is that too much to ask?


Blogger The Survivor said...

Just go for it. :)

10:01 PM  
Blogger Zainab Dhanji said...

go for it??

6:38 PM  

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