06 May, 2009

“A society that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both”.

Is there any relationship between bad weather and people’s attitude? I mean really there is got to be one! So that I’ve got a little hope to clung upon, hope that says ‘its temporary honey, it will pass’. Like seriously, People in this part of the world are acting weird! Or could it be that they were always like this? And it’s me who has realized it now? It’s hard to narrate a feeling but honestly all I have noticed people doing in the past two weeks is: impose their wills, limit others freedom, loose self-control, carry egoistic bitchiness and use their physical attributes as their swords.

The other day, my university classmates got into this severe ‘bad-mouthing’ each other. Reason being that the rebels of the class protested against the monarch Class Representative (CR) and his absolute ruling. I mean, he was a democratically elected CR and the opposition had a right to call for referendum but by God, I will never forget the dire consequences of practicing ones lawful right. Thankfully, I made my way in the audience (or may be I’m being a bit dishonest here) but still my life is not threatened. However, saying from what I observed that day -- an ordinary average person who goes by the books, doesn’t suck up to people, minds his own business in times of peace and stands up for his rights in times of war is always crushed and crunched. What an Irony!

Ever heard of the expression; ‘Survival of the fittest?’ If we don’t go into the actual theory behind it and take the literal meaning out of this phrase, then we will realize how much truth it unveils. In all seriousness, only the fittest is surviving; others are merely existing, though the criterion of being ‘fit’ varies from society to society. And then, the criterion varies from place to place as well, like from work place to universities to residential areas; however, a general standard condition of being ‘fit-to-survive’ in Karachi amounts to having the following:

1. Affiliation with the currently ruling political party or dominant opposing party. (Do you sweep the floor in one of the senator’s house? Woah! lucky, you are safe)

2. An elongated list of ‘contacts’ or strong Personal Relations (PR)--as they like it to be called, although I'd prefer to call it ‘sucking up!’ (Sweepers, lab assistants, gatekeepers and the like are equally eligible to have their share in your list of contacts)

3. Good command over the use of abusive language. (Preferably English) *An amazing fact* [just last night while I was in the market, I heard a drifting beggar use the word ‘Compromise’ while talking to his mate! Afterall thats how you climb social leaders in a society that's suffering from identity crisis]

4. Fully developed body parts. *I’m not kidding* (Chances are that your opponent; who as all the other Pakistani citizens is an intense consumer of visual media, will get intimidated by your body and you’d have a higher hand in the battle)

So, wouldn't it be right to say that may be humans act inhuman cause of ill structured societies? Or may be societies are pitiable creations in the first place. May be Jean Jacques Rousseau was right when he said; Humans are inherently good—but it is the society that corrupts.


Blogger Manish Kumar said...

Well Said.

So what are u doing for tackling the 4 issues u listed. At list you can conc on pt. 4 daily go to gym & be strong :)

2:37 PM  
Blogger AJEYA RAO said...

Hmm...I think wer ever u go, the rules to dominate will be the same.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Dawn said...

WOW! ........I am shocked and speechless ...as what all those things in Karachi do that this came out in your blog this way!!
It is easier said Manish...but imagine people living in there...! I hear it from my peers here and have no words even to console!!!!

Hope!!! is the only thing that one must not loose dear
Cheer up!

5:36 AM  
Blogger Suresh Kumar said...

Hard Hitting.... T
tough to be in such situations... Wud have loved to say what you wrote at the begining, "This is like bad weather... would pass..." But that would only be consoling words and nothing more than that.

A quantum leap in thinking is what is required.
Can we hope for such a thing?...And can we cling on just HOPE?

Be strong and cheer up!

5:12 PM  
Blogger The Struggler said...

Well-written and I guess this is very common in the rural parts of India too..

I do believe in the quote from Rang De Basanti where Aamir Khan says

"There are two ways of living life, let things happen as they are or have the courage to change it"

Rest of it does not matters

4:46 PM  

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