22 May, 2009

Unlimited Desires Burning In A World That Constantly Limits...

Time to produce another episode of bull-crap! (Oh yeah!) And do not get offended people, even bull-crap is holy, after all, it’s obtained from a source which appears quite a living being in nature, and as you all would have experienced time and again for how well do we; the-resource-hogging-global-warmers A.K.A. ‘humanitarians’, value life and living creature Ha! (Couldn’t resist the gag- sorry lol) Anyway people, don’t care to extract too much sense out of all this; I’m guessing I had a little too much to swallow the other night, which is why I’m daring to be myself. Unknowingly off course! So please, spare me any charges against this act, it won’t happen again—I assure you!

WHAT?!? Did I hear you say that being ones-self is ‘not’ an act to be punished for? Why?! Oh you say, because we live in a world which has established at least this much freedom over the years -- on the basis of the fact that human beings are born free and hence it is their right to express themselves, be their selves and do-as-they-please, unless it doesn’t harm another’s liberty! [*Snort* I need to go spit somewhere! The distaste brought to my tongue while repeating such a phony thought is unbearable!]

There was this child I know, who was having a mini group party in his school-break with his friends, which means that a few friends gathered and brought different eatables for each other and munched in the prescribed break time, just laughing and trying to have a good time, and suddenly the principle emerges from nowhere and publically humiliates them all for having a planned lunch together without the permission of any teacher! Lol I was so shocked to hear this stuff, I mean look at this! Just when a child should be taught about the sharing and caring culture, what we do is pull down their self-esteem and cripple them to an extent where they can’t even do anything as little as gather and have a good time. Follow another incident; with this other child whose entire class was prohibited to go for lunch break for an entire week due to the fact that they were making noise in the “games” period! I mean God help me! What the heck is up with the world? You can’t just do anything at all. I mean, when are the children supposed to be children?

“Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” -Hans Christian Andersen


Anonymous Batool said...

whr is da pic zaini???????

12:14 AM  
Blogger The Survivor said...

That is sick.

I guess the teachers who decided they wanted to make their careers in teaching children did not got enough learning themselves to act like this.

They need to understand that situations could be dealt with by not handing out punishment but by compassion. After all they are the future of tomorrow.

4:34 PM  
Blogger Sushant said...

Freedom is so much talked about but really hard to find...Sometimes you are bound by your boss, sometimes by your loved ones and sometimes by your teachers..Well all I can say is what Floyd said, " Hey teacher leave the kids alone..You are just another brick in the wall..

12:07 AM  

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