04 November, 2008

Is change possible?

Today I'd be sharing with all the readers of this blog, a very interesting article, written by Batool Aqil, a friend of mine. Batool is a Bachelors Student of Social Sciences & Economics at SZABIST university,Pakistan. This article is indeed a message to every Pakistani that today’s Youth is not just aware of their country’s problems and the system deficiencies, but is also actively participating in making their country a better place.

Is change possible?

On 23rd October, 2008 we were given a lecture by Mr Imran Sherwani (a well-known journalist in Pakistan) on “Is change possible”. It was a very interesting lecture and made us think over on what Mr Sherwani said. He said that society can be changed only when people are willing to change themselves and work collectively as a group. He even told us various incidents about how people from different parts of Pakistan (people from Okara and Dadu) worked together in solving their problems and bought a change in the society.

Therefore I, Batool Aqil a student of Bachelors in Social Sciences and Economics at SZABIST believe that “change is possible”. I believe that if we want to change the society in which we are living we first need to change ourselves. We should not consider ourselves as leaders but we should work as co-organizers with the people in order to bring a change in the society, for which networking is very important. In order to save our nation from the crisis it is facing people need to be united and should organize themselves, otherwise it will be very difficult to bring a positive change in a segmented society.

As a “Teacher Mentor” in a Government Girl’s School in Pakistan (which is a part of a course of Practicum being taught by Maam Rashida Valika, who is also a student advisor at SZABIST), I aim to educate my students on acquiring both primary and secondary education. I believe that it is very important for girls to acquire education as they will be future mothers and if mothers are educated so the whole generation is educated. Education tells man/woman how to make effective decisions. Without education, man/woman is as though in a closed room and with education he/she finds himself in a room with all its windows open towards outside world. An educated society could deal with problems more effectively and resolve its issues together.

When I am teaching the students I aim to bring out the best in them, by enhancing their communication skills, improving their learning abilities and make them better citizens.

After working for two months in the school I can proudly say that I have contributed towards a change not on a very large scale but enough to make an impact on the lives of the individuals in my class. My hard work paid off when I saw that after teaching eight parts of speech of English language the students actually grasped them and started writing in English without making grammatical mistakes. My work towards the betterment of the society will be complete when even one of these students grows up to be a successful and well educated individual.

Therefore, I completely agree with Mr Sherwani that change is possible if each and every individual makes a contribution towards the betterment of the society.


Blogger Dawn....सेहर said...

Yes it is possible...provided we should be prepared for it :)
Good thought darling

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