01 March, 2008

“Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.”


I started composing poetry at the age of 15 without actually knowing that I’m ‘composing’ poetry. At that time it was an over powering emotion which wanted to come out and hence for me it just seemed to be a placement of thoughts and emotions in the attire words because I didn’t have to think much to compose lines, it just happened itself. Somewhere deep down inside me, someone or something use to do all thought process and the processed thought automatically use to come out of my mind in a flow, shaping it self in the form of poetry. Even I was amazed on myself, it’s so miraculous.

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle and other is as though everything is a miracle”

If one asks me, I strongly believe that, poetry itself chooses the soul in which it desires to reside, & not the vise versa. As a matter of fact, poetry is given birth within the very sub-conscious of a persons mind. I believe every person who possesses the poetic tools and resources, is eligible to create his own poetic creations. Nevertheless observation says, not all the souls are able to do so. There could be several reasons for this however one generally observed reason is that people don’t successfully cross the psychological barrier (between their thoughts and the outward world) in order to elevate their sub consciously grown passions to find the attire of words. This reason follows a number of reasons as well. For instance, this barrier could be because of personal factors such as low self esteem, inferiority complex, in-clarity of ones own passion with in their selves, possessiveness of ones ardor, fear of recognizing the passion or may be the want of not recognizing the passion. Similarly environment also offers some traits which lead to cause this barrier b/t a person’s thoughts/desires/passion created in their sub consciously furnished world and their real outer external world.

“Problems do not go away. They must be worked through or else they remain, forever a barrier to the growth and development of the spirit.”

The people who successfully manage to bypass the barriers are commonly entitled as poets in our world though the idea of this post is to notify all the eligible souls that poetry is far above the idea of being called as poets. If you hold; a soul which is befriends with your body, a heart that is at the right place, a mind that thinks it thinks (self-belief), an inner bug which senses all kinds of feelings for you and most importantly ‘passion’ for simply anything, anyone, anybody; then my dear reader cherish the feeling you’ve managed to stir up in you belly right now because you are that very person we’ve been talking about through out J

“Feel passion, feel pain. Feel the ingredients of the rain”


Blogger Dawn....सेहर said...

I am just amazed as I am reading your posts... :)
I have nothing to say dear...
Allah malik hai
khush rehana hamesha zindagii mein yehi dua mere dil se nikalti hai meri jaan ke liye
I miss you a lot my dear

1:31 AM  

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