06 November, 2005

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

Terribelly hurt !
misearable sitaution !
Lost all hopes !!!!

"Dont wanna live anymore" were the only words...! cant handle surrondings... Heart seriously damaged..!! "How am i going to live again ?" was the question with only and only ans "I CANT" !! I knw i culd have done it if i myself wuld have tried and stop mourning on spilt milk..! But it was not tht easy..infact it was impossible b'cz the things i was oweing tht time were... a depressed mind...a dead sould ...and a burning heart !
Even though i had lots and lots of ppl around me tht time ..but i was lonely..needed a shoulder to cry upon..
Frnds were there..but i dint want symathy of them...family was there...but i dint want them to be in trouble..
Hope was there but i dint want it to enter my valley as i was totally gone tht time...alone in the dark room..crying like hell..!!
months passed but no change was observed atall!
Yes its true tht time is a good healer but for me..it was just passing so tht death i may greet death soon !
But then there is GOD !!!!!
No matter where the hell was the whole world whn i was going through such terrible situations..but God was observing !
He wanted me to feel the pain for sometime so tht i must grow-up and be strong...but whn he felt tht now this gal she get some relief...He helped me :)
My routine for months was same..no fun..no social life..no botherence in anything..just skool...home and r00m !!
While continuind the same routine..i was crying in my dark room..and thn ultimately saw a beautiful girl...!!
she was a complete personification of peace..carrying rays of hope in her eyes & wearing a gentle smile on her face ...:)
She was the one who directed me to life again...showed me all the beauties of life ..
and illustared the true meaning of living to me :)

OKay guys now u all must be thinking abt this angel :D
And i must say everybody reading this post is a very lucky person as someway or the other u guys must be knowing this angel..;)
and her name is ....DAWN !!!! :) Wht a perfect nick she has...Dawn...!

Today is her birthday...and i have no words ..no words to thnk this angel for everything she has done..as words are still just words...!
They cannot show the intensity..but dear i must.. say "YOU ARE THE REAL MEANING OF LOVE !"
Wishing u a very very happy birthday ! May this birthday of urs brings countless happiness in your life! :))
and now...a ghazal....for u ..and only u :))

Meri zameen par jo chandni hai vo sab teri hai
meray falak par jo dil kashi hai vi sab teri hai

jo titliyon k paraon par likhay hain khat meray hain
ye jugnoon mai jo roshni hai woh sab teri hai

jo shab pe chaaii khamoshiyaan hain vo sab meri hain
sahar mai jitni bhi nagmagi hai vo sab teri hai

jo teray manzar mai aur manzar hain sab meray hain
jo meray seenay mai shayari hai vo sab teri hia

jo teri muthi mai khushbooain hain vo sab meri hain
jo meri ankhon mai roshni hai woh sab teri hai

And Now its yummmy yummmy cakeyyy timee !!!!! ;)
And guyss...u all r invited . ..but pls help ur self ;) ! :D


Blogger Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Awwww Gumnaam!!


Man! i might have actually started flying had someone done this for me!!

Wishing 'Dawn' a very very happy birthday!! And may god fulfil all her wishes!!

And without no doubts, i'd like to add that she's really really lucky to have such a wonderful friend like you!! And probably so are you!

U rock babezz!!

4:20 PM  
Blogger Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

oh ma god!!


gosh...it indeed looks yummy!!!!

wowowowowoowwww!! u made me go hungry and i have a lecture in few minutes...lol!

Hope ur friend had a great time!

6:50 PM  
Blogger Dawn....सेहर said...

Ohhhhh my gooooooooooooooodness....ZA ...you are ...... :hail:
You dont know..what you have done to me...with all these wonderful words, praise and love...!!

Dear...I didnt do anything...it was just that I shook you well enough to make you realize there is life always :) & you did everything...not me..so all credit goes to you hun...but am glad that I got someone who is so loving ..and true...am blessed to find someone like you :)

with lots of love and prayers for you my dearest friend :)

am always obliged to you:)


PS: Hope its not chocolate ;)

3:10 AM  
Blogger PuNeEt said...

Wow wat a post...

I ws shocked to read the initial paragraph...

Dawn... yes she is an Angel...

Its so lucky to have her as ur friend...

I Wish Dawn a Very Happy Birthday

That ghazal is again awesome...
too cool... like the way u share it with all ur posts....

and tat cake is choo choo yummy...
its lunch time over here...
lemme have some ;-)

ur too too cute

take care
n have fun


12:35 PM  
Blogger Manish said...

hmmmm khair us waqt ki baat to nahin chedenge waise bhi kam pareshan nahin kiya hai tumhein un dinon ko lekar:) bas itna hi kahenge

Jo Beet Gayi So baat Gayi!

par tumhari likhi har ek line DON ke prati tumhari krityagta aur pyar ka parichayak hai. I hope DON ko tumhara ye pyar isi terah milta rahe !

aur ek behad behad umda ghazal ko pesh karne ke liye dher sari shaabashi :)

10:09 PM  
Blogger Newsandseduction said...

interesting blog!

8:10 AM  
Blogger Mysterious Gal said...

well...dont hv words to express for such an amazing work!

Superb poetry...

n DAWN is indeed very lucky to hv a friend like u!

9:46 PM  
Blogger Dawn....सेहर said...

Thank you for all the best wishes and love showered upon me.

I am indeed blessed by you all...no words can compete !


Best regards,

4:39 AM  
Blogger medebest said...

well zyenab thumbs up to u coz this is really a emotional peice which reminds me the condition of mine befor 3 to 4 years the same situation was with me n its totally true that only God can help us in this situation really appreciate u for especially this peice of writing u have done a marvelous job keep it up guess u r aperson who can express her feelings with full heart n soul Regards

8:34 PM  
Blogger Aftab Iqbal said...

"My routine for months was same..no fun..no social life..no botherence in anything..just skool...home and r00m !!"

Something I can relate to!!!

7:20 AM  

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