15 March, 2012

"Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it." —Bill Cosby

If I were to sit with a notebook to pen down all that’s been on my mind lately, I am pretty certain my notebook would blow itself into ashes signifying its utter discomfort on having to listen to my elaborate worries! Yes, I am the queen of exaggeration. But all I am saying is life isn’t as simple as it was 8 months ago, when I was a student and all that was expected of me was to maintain a good grade point average! Gone are the days when my greatest worry was passing Chinese exam and my hardest choice was whether to take Psychology as my major or Economics.

Now, having graduated, I find myself looking for another meaningful project to get started with in order to sustain my ever-so-compelling urge to do something big in my life. Like MASSIVE. Post student life is all about paving one’s way in the real world. Which to me sounds more like, diving from the 10th floor with a parachute attached to you that you don’t know how to operate. Some people don’t even know they have a parachute attached to them, so I am at least better off in that sense. I know there is one. Just don’t quite know how the darn thing works! So till I stumble upon that one clever idea of what’s the right way that leads to a safe landing, I will keep entertaining scary, weird, idiotic and sometimes smart ideas that’ll help me in this transition. For now I am just gona book myself a nice helicopter ride and clear my mind from the burdens of tomorrow!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Zainab,

Congrats on becoming a graduate, I think you'll come up with some meaningful direction which will surely enable you to land safely.

4:26 PM  

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