20 February, 2012

The other day I was at Borders with my toddler cousin sleeping in my arms. Usually I go to Borders for mental peace and well, to be around words! But that day, I just went – in blunt honesty – to use their comfy sofas! I wanted to give my legs a rest & Borders seemed the only proximal solution! I spotted a comfy sofa in the “Books for Young Adults” section! I couldn’t believe my luck, not only did I get a seat on a weekend at Borders but also got one in just the right section! Wouldn’t have liked being stuck in the Business Books section or worse, Cooking Books section! So I was pretty happy being seated in the Young Adult section because that’s where I thought are all the books that I read or show interest in! Well, after five minutes of scanning through the shelves and reading the backcovers of around six books, I reached to the conclusion that either I am not a young adult or these chaps at Borders have gotten the placement all wrong! I wanted to share my misery with someone so I turned to see where my soon-to-turn-14 cousin was, and well, she was all settled in the corner with a book off the young adult shelf, beaming out vibes of happiness! One look at her was enough to make me realize that Borders chaps hadn’t gotten anything wrong! Young adults would definitely be early teenagers! Not me!! Now, I must mention, I am not one of those people who keep fussing about ageing! Not that I have accepted that I have aged and will keep ageing all the way – it’s just that my teenagish body doesn’t help me look at myself differently! Physically I am not much different from what I was in grade 10 or 12! And this makes keeping up with my real age a lot harder! Now some people would say, age is just a number, or it’s a case of mind over matter and yada yada! That’s all okay too, but my problem is a little different. I need to look older to act older and to act older I need to.. well look older! And I need to act older because I AM older!

Some people just automatically grow into growing up! They are naturally talented at acting like adults! Not me! I had a tough time, I still do at times! No, I don’t suck on my thumb anymore, but I do need to constantly remind myself that I have entered the adult phase in my life. I mean who’d have thought it’ll happen just like that! All your life your parents, teachers and family leads your path, telling you what to do and what not to do and then suddenly everyone just sort of goes in the background leaving the entire stage for you! And with this position enhancement, you get to make your own choices, decide for yourself and do as you please! It sounds fancy I know, and it is most of the times, but sometimes the pressure gets to me! I am afraid that the weight of the consequences of whatever decisions I make might damage my shoulder tissues! And to think it was just yesterday when I took that darned stone-filled school bag off my shoulders! I guess now we all know why spas came into existence.


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